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Styling Spring at{mine} floral workshop

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Earlier this spring we teamed up with the lovely ladies behind the monthly ‘Styling the Seasons’ series, Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, as well as eight prominent at{mine} bloggers to host and judge a styling competition, #StylingSpringAtMine. We were blown away by the phenomenal response and quality of entries, and the judges had the toughest job at hand to select the group of winners from over 300 participants.

The judges and winners were invited to a floral wreath and posy making workshop at Homemade London in central London, taught by the lovely and talented Caroline from Wild Rubus.

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Interview: Silkie Lloyd of Rosehip Paper & Home


Today we are spending a creative and inspiring day at the floral wreath making workshop with all winners of the recently finished Styling Spring at{mine} challenge. As one of 13 judges we had the honour to pick one personal favorite and our eye was caught by the serene and balanced spring styling by Silkie Lloyd of Rosehip Paper & Home, a designer, illustrator and avid beta member in our at{mine} community. We used the opportunity to speak to Silkie and learn more about her interior stylings, her work as an illustrator and her views on the at{mine} community.

Silkie, how do you approach stylings in general, do you have a certain technique, do you have any styling rules?

I always approach styling colour first, as I do when I am designing a new paper collection. I wouldn’t say I have any rules as such and work instinctively until I feel like it’s perfectly balanced – after colour I think about how the shapes of the objects interact & create harmony and I always consider negative space, whilst trying to remember that less is more!

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Styling Spring at{mine}

Styling Spring

Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte Smith of Lotts and Lots are the masterminds behind the ‘Styling the Seasons’ project, which each month sees participants from the blogosphere and across social media styling a surface in their homes to reflect what the month means to them.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Katy and Charlotte have teamed up with at{mine} for a special Styling the Seasons event called #StylingSpringAtMine, which will take the shape of a competition and real-life styling get-together. We have handpicked an esteemed at{mine} blogger panel who will be judging April’s entries and picking their favourites to join us for a floral wreath making workshop in central London.

We asked Katy and Charlotte to share more about their inspiration behind Styling the Seasons and what to expect from the spring event.

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