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Sneak peek what’s ahead at{mine}


Here is a little sneak peek of what’s happening behind closed doors at{mine}. Thanks to phenomenal support and feedback of our beta community, we are on track to bring you the new and improved at{mine}.

The new site will first launch to our beta members in spring, ahead of general release to the public.

Before long, you’ll be able to discover content the way you want to: be it by searching for someone or something specific, browsing by category, or just getting inspired by the best the community has to offer.

It’s a natural extension from our existing design, but the experience will be more seamless and engaging. Best of all, we are finally going mobile (!) so you can enjoy at{mine} wherever you are.

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Newsletter no2


Sneak peek into at{mine} ahead of our beta launch…and what the fudge is a BETA anyway?!

Plus: design-y things to do in the capital!

Find out more in the second edition of our newsletter HERE

Between Interiors becomes at{mine} blog


Rebrand alert! Between Interiors has graduated from being a test blog to becoming our “official” blog for at{mine}!

We started to blog under the name Between Interiors last year to share personal nuggets of all things interiors (and a little in between too), and nothing has really changed with this ambition.

But as at{mine} has taken on form and is launching in private beta, and we’re pretty much living and breathing the business, it makes sense to bring all our thoughts under one name.

Expect more (and more frequent!) blog posts about homes, places, furniture, objects and brands that inspire us. All in the ethos of at{mine} – to share and discover the stories behind real interiors.

Xx the at{mine} team

Welcome: at{mine}

Welcome: at{mine}

So excited to share a little sneak peek into at{mine} with you!

We’re working hard on the beta site behind those doors…. sign up to and stay tuned for them to open!


See you soon…

atmine logo

– a new way to inspire, curate & discover interiors –

As hinted at before, we at Between Interiors and our friends at Somewhat_ have been hard at work on an exciting new project: at{mine}.

At mine you can share your personal style in interior design & decoration and discover that of other tastemakers from around the globe.

We are currently in private beta testing, but you can now sign up to at {mine} to be notified of our forthcoming launch!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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