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#StyleAtMine In August: Kid’s Rooms & Our Winner


The winning styling by Pepper Schmidt

August is not only the month of vacation time and hot summer days, it was also the second month of our #StyleAtMine edition and this month’s topic was a room that is often a no-style land in many homes: the kid’s room. But as an interiors community we knew we had the kind of members who could prove that a kid’s room can be a stylish accomplishment to any home.

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Interview: Ruth Cozens of Tobias & the Bear


Continuing with the interview series for August – we’re featuring some of the most inspiring mums from the at{mine} community to celebrate the second edition of #StyleAtMine, which is all about the kids rooms. Next up is Ruth Cozens, a graphic designer and co-founder of children and homeware brand Tobias & the Bear. We talk to her about career, kids, home and finding a balance, plus get a peek into the monochrome world of Arlo’s room. Love the room? Wait until you meet the mama behind it!

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Interview: Eva from The Waldfrieden State

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August is all about kids rooms on at{mine}. The second edition of #StyleAtMine celebrates the cheerful, playful, stylish, wild and neat kids rooms in the homes of our members with kids. Peeking into those widely differing and truly charming and inspiring kids rooms, has tickled our interest to get to know the mum’s behind those rooms who have often weaved in their styling skills into designing their kids spaces. Thus we will be featuring inspiring mums from the at{mine} community during the entire month of August and interview them about their work, their kids, styling kids rooms and revealing their mum super-powers. The debutant of this month’s series of ‘mum interviews’ is German design blogger Eva of The Waldfrieden State.

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Interview: Maria from Tellkiddo


For August’s #StyleAtMine challenge we have teamed up with wonderful independent kids label Tellkiddo who make storing our little ones’ ghastly plastic toys a treat with their smile-inducing illustrated paper and fabric bags. We caught up with Tellkiddo’s founder and designer Maria Sabbah to share the story of how starting her family gave her the courage to also pursue her professional dream.

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