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Home Study winner of the #StyleAtMine challenge

Winning Styling: Industrial Home Study by Astrid Mosert

Pens down everyone! With an extra bonus day this year, February is over and with it we conclude our #StyleAtMine home study challenge!

For this hard-working challenge we teamed up with our friends over at{Orée Artisans} and one of the most talented stylists we know, at{mine} founding member Carolina Kommonen. The contributions have been absolutely fantastic and we’ve seen a great number of fabulous real home studies from all across the globe showcasing a wide array of interior styles. However there can only be one winner, and the winner is…. Astrid Mostert!

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Spring is here



Spring is in the air  

The sun is shining and at{mine} is abloom with flowers and florals. Happy days!

We’re loving the wonderful new content our members are contributing to the site. From abstract flouros and lipstick colours, to a fresh take on celebrating spring with vegetables and shoots – we are seriously inspired by their creativity.

at{mine} are proud to see the community grow and develop far and wide.

New kid on the blogs

We’re delighted by the positive response we’ve had from the interiors blogger community.

Hot off the press this morning is this lovely feature by the thrifty and witty Kimberly of Swoon Worthy Blog.

On the other side of the pond, Gloribell shares her thoughts on our “mini heaven on the web” on her blog: I don’t know how she does it.

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at{mine} is live in private beta!

Welcome kit

The time has finally come… after a long year – with plenty of blood, sweat and tears – at{mine} is now live in private beta!

Our first handpicked group of beta members are receiving their keys to the castle in the old school mail (ironic for a digital company – but who doesn’t love a pretty envelope in the post as a respite from the usual bills!).

Meaning that we now have actual live users roaming free on, helping to shape the direction of the site with the amazing content they contribute and the inspiring people they invite to join.

And without wanting to toot our own horn too much (or do we?!), here is what some of our beta members have to say about us:

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Newsletter no2


Sneak peek into at{mine} ahead of our beta launch…and what the fudge is a BETA anyway?!

Plus: design-y things to do in the capital!

Find out more in the second edition of our newsletter HERE

je ne sais quoi

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 15.24.17

Continuing on in our ‘behind the scenes’ blog series on the cool brands we meet and work with, we move on from rural Swaziland to the splendour of a particularly sophisticated London address, Belgrave Place, showing just how broad the range of at{mine}’s brands is.

Belgrave Place is the brainchild of banker-turned-entrepreneur Emmanuelle Rio. We met Emmanuelle at her elegant yet eclectic Brook Green townhouse for tea, biscuits and a chat.

True to her Parisian roots, Emmanuelle is impossibly stylish, impeccably yet totally effortlessly styled (what this, I just threw it on to pick up my boy from school..!). And like many Parisians, she has this ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes you suddenly feel totally inferior in style… In short, a woman you’d love to hate… IF it wasn’t for her also being so disarmingly warm, friendly and passionate that you’re soon chatting away like longtime friends.

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