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Interview: Laura Seppänen


There’s no better time than the turn of the year to start on a clean slate. If the shenanigans of the festive seasons have you longing for a detox, here is your chance to cleanse your palate and join in January’s #StyleAtMine styling challenge, which is devoted to bathrooms and those home-spa moments. Share yours on at{mine} with the hashtag #StyleAtMine during January for a chance to overhaul your whole towel stock and more with a £200 winning price from our member Soak&Sleep.

The talented stylist behind the challenge is Laura Seppänen, an immensely talented young interior designer from Finland, who styled some gorgeous Soak&Sleep products in a bathroom she designed for a client. We took the chance to catch up with Laura on her life and work.

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Interview: Sara Tasker of Me&Orla


When we first started planning our inaugural #StyleAtMine bedroom challenge we immediately knew who we wanted to collaborate with: Sara Tasker of Me & Orla. We’ve long been admirers of Sara’s soulful aesthetic, and nobody does the crumpled sheets look we had in mind quite like her! Luckily Sara is as lovely in real life as we had imagined through social media glimpses of her life, and she made our dream collaboration a reality! We caught up with Sara to chat about her life&work, community hashtags and mama superpowers.

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at{mine} x Design Bloggers United

On the 5th March 2015, eight European design bloggers landed in London for the latest in a series of blog tours. Armed with the requisite tech and an insatiable appetite for good design, the group was ready to explore the best the city has to offer.

The London tour was a first collaboration between Design Bloggers United and at{mine}. As an interior design community we cherished the opportunity to bring together some of our most discerning beta members and connect around a shared passion for interiors.

As you can see from the beautiful illustration of the tour by Zoe More O’Ferrall, there was a lot in store for the group! Day two of the tour was organised by at{mine}, and we were pleased to arrange unique insight and access to some of Great Britain’s finest and best-loved brands and professionals, which we are proud to call members.

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Sneak peek what’s ahead at{mine}


Here is a little sneak peek of what’s happening behind closed doors at{mine}. Thanks to phenomenal support and feedback of our beta community, we are on track to bring you the new and improved at{mine}.

The new site will first launch to our beta members in spring, ahead of general release to the public.

Before long, you’ll be able to discover content the way you want to: be it by searching for someone or something specific, browsing by category, or just getting inspired by the best the community has to offer.

It’s a natural extension from our existing design, but the experience will be more seamless and engaging. Best of all, we are finally going mobile (!) so you can enjoy at{mine} wherever you are.

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at{mine} is live in private beta!

Welcome kit

The time has finally come… after a long year – with plenty of blood, sweat and tears – at{mine} is now live in private beta!

Our first handpicked group of beta members are receiving their keys to the castle in the old school mail (ironic for a digital company – but who doesn’t love a pretty envelope in the post as a respite from the usual bills!).

Meaning that we now have actual live users roaming free on, helping to shape the direction of the site with the amazing content they contribute and the inspiring people they invite to join.

And without wanting to toot our own horn too much (or do we?!), here is what some of our beta members have to say about us:

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at {mine}

2013-01-11 10.43.41

If you like Between Interiors, we’re pretty sure you will LOVE at{mine}!

At{mine} is a totally new way to inspire|curate|discover interiors (see also our earlier blog posts here and here).

You can now Like us on Facebook  for a chance to win some interior deco goodies or, well, just because you do!

See you soon…

atmine logo

– a new way to inspire, curate & discover interiors –

As hinted at before, we at Between Interiors and our friends at Somewhat_ have been hard at work on an exciting new project: at{mine}.

At mine you can share your personal style in interior design & decoration and discover that of other tastemakers from around the globe.

We are currently in private beta testing, but you can now sign up to at {mine} to be notified of our forthcoming launch!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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