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Interview: The New Craftsmen


During the recent London Blogger Tour at{mine} organised together with Design Bloggers United we visited one of our earliest beta members, the venerable The New Craftsmen. We were treated to a creative workshop with artist-in-residence Lola Lely and a phenomenal dinner with furniture designer/maker Gareth Neal and Bobby from The Bothy Project who talked to us about their Mindful Living exhibition which launches in-store today.

Afterwards, we caught up with one of the founders, Natalie Melton,  to ask her some questions about The New Craftsmen, and what Mindful Living means to her.

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Interview: Karine Kong of Bodie and Fou

Karine PortraitSydney

Our at{mine} beta community is made up of creative individuals and brands with a common passion for interiors and a lot of talent to go around between them. It’s a melting pot for designers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, marketers and many more.

As a successful entrepreneur you often have to be many of those things at the same time. And nobody does that better than Karine Kong, founder of Bodie and Fou, a great online store for home accessories.

As part of our interview blog series which features inspiring beta members, Karine shares her take on living and working in a digital landscape.

Karine, thank you for joining our blog series here on at{mine). Tell us about Bodie and Fou, what can people expect when they visit your website?

Bodie and Fou is a gorgeous online store with a carefully curated collection of beautiful things for your home and a place to find inspiration.

You are a businesswoman, a stylist, a blogger, a mother – how does today’s digital lifestyle challenge you and how do you manage to accomplish everything?

I think the best way is to find ways to make technology work for you on your own terms. For me, being able to skype with my family in France, friends in Australia on a regular basis and seeing photos of their daily lives, kids growing up on Instagram and so on, is priceless. Being able to work and connect with people from anywhere in the world, as long as I have a laptop, a phone and an internet connection is amazing.

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Sneak peek what’s ahead at{mine}


Here is a little sneak peek of what’s happening behind closed doors at{mine}. Thanks to phenomenal support and feedback of our beta community, we are on track to bring you the new and improved at{mine}.

The new site will first launch to our beta members in spring, ahead of general release to the public.

Before long, you’ll be able to discover content the way you want to: be it by searching for someone or something specific, browsing by category, or just getting inspired by the best the community has to offer.

It’s a natural extension from our existing design, but the experience will be more seamless and engaging. Best of all, we are finally going mobile (!) so you can enjoy at{mine} wherever you are.

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How to: Photograph Real Interiors


A question we get asked a lot is how to take beautiful photographs in the home. And who better to ask than our beta member and interiors photographer extraordinaire Emma Lewis? Here Emma answers some of our beta communities most frequently asked questions on how to take magazine worthy interiors shots whatever your budget!

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Spring is here



Spring is in the air  

The sun is shining and at{mine} is abloom with flowers and florals. Happy days!

We’re loving the wonderful new content our members are contributing to the site. From abstract flouros and lipstick colours, to a fresh take on celebrating spring with vegetables and shoots – we are seriously inspired by their creativity.

at{mine} are proud to see the community grow and develop far and wide.

New kid on the blogs

We’re delighted by the positive response we’ve had from the interiors blogger community.

Hot off the press this morning is this lovely feature by the thrifty and witty Kimberly of Swoon Worthy Blog.

On the other side of the pond, Gloribell shares her thoughts on our “mini heaven on the web” on her blog: I don’t know how she does it.

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Happy Interior Blog tests at{mine} beta

iPadRenowned interior blogger Igor from Happy Interior Blog tells why he’s smitten with at{mine} and what makes the site stand out! Read the account of his beta testing experience here

at{mine} is live in private beta!

Welcome kit

The time has finally come… after a long year – with plenty of blood, sweat and tears – at{mine} is now live in private beta!

Our first handpicked group of beta members are receiving their keys to the castle in the old school mail (ironic for a digital company – but who doesn’t love a pretty envelope in the post as a respite from the usual bills!).

Meaning that we now have actual live users roaming free on, helping to shape the direction of the site with the amazing content they contribute and the inspiring people they invite to join.

And without wanting to toot our own horn too much (or do we?!), here is what some of our beta members have to say about us:

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Newsletter no2


Sneak peek into at{mine} ahead of our beta launch…and what the fudge is a BETA anyway?!

Plus: design-y things to do in the capital!

Find out more in the second edition of our newsletter HERE

Between Interiors becomes at{mine} blog


Rebrand alert! Between Interiors has graduated from being a test blog to becoming our “official” blog for at{mine}!

We started to blog under the name Between Interiors last year to share personal nuggets of all things interiors (and a little in between too), and nothing has really changed with this ambition.

But as at{mine} has taken on form and is launching in private beta, and we’re pretty much living and breathing the business, it makes sense to bring all our thoughts under one name.

Expect more (and more frequent!) blog posts about homes, places, furniture, objects and brands that inspire us. All in the ethos of at{mine} – to share and discover the stories behind real interiors.

Xx the at{mine} team

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