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Interview: Charlie Hunt of Soak&Sleep

Soak&Sleep - Girls bedlinen lifestyle

Since August on at{mine} is all about the wildness and general fabulousness of the kids rooms, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a step back to also think about some of the more practical aspects behind all of the wonderful contributions we’ve seen on #StyleAtMine.

The centre of every kids room is still the bed. And no matter if you are a colourful-prints or a monochrome-patterns person; when it comes to choosing the mattress, the pillow or the duvet, there are always so many questions that come to mind  – natural or synthetic? soft or firm? how many togs? what is a tog?!?

Thankfully one of our brilliant members is Soak&Sleep, an online retailer who makes (as its name might indicate!) bath and bed products. We caught up with founder Charlie Hunt to get some insider tips on choosing the right products, and talked about how they came to at{mine} and what they think of our community. Get the pen and paper ready, pronto!

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Interview: Charlie Marshall of

Loaf - Orson sofa with removable cover from £1,195 high res1

We on at{mine} enjoy the common ground of our community: the love for beautiful interiors. And we are thrilled to bring users and brands together, both inspiring each other with their products and interiors. One of our new beta members is, an online retailer specialized in beds and sofas. We knocked on Loaf’s virtual door and were cheerfully greeted by Charlie Marshall, the mastermind – or Head of Loafing – and founder of We wanted to know more about, the ideas behind it, how they came to at{mine} and what they think of our community. Buckle up for a fun and happy interview!

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