Mood board by Hege Morris

As a part of Gudy Herder‘s brilliant series of mood board posts, she offered to share a tips&tricks assessment for one of the submitted mood boards here on atmine. The May winner was Hege Morris from interior design blog Hege in France with her bedroom mood board. Hege already knew a bit about mood boards, but after completing Gudy’s renowned ecourse, she’s now somewhat of a mood board master! Read on as Hege takes us through the process of developing her moodboard and Gudy shares her feedback on the final result.

Hege’s mood board concept:

“This is my dream bedroom. High ceilings, both feminine and masculine, with memories of travels (we spent a lot of time in China, hence the terracotta warrior horse), I also wanted to show a lot of nature and natural materials, I don’t have a lot of samples laying around, so I used more or less what I had. In an ideal world I would have wanted to add some linen fabrics and the merlot velvet fabric for the headboard. The brass is added as I want to add a few small details in brass like a candle holder for example. I wanted the feeling to be luxurious, grown up, uncluttered and spacious.

I knew more or less how to create a mood board, but I didn’t know about all the different techniques. Everything was really well explained by Gudy in her ecourse and I learned a lot. I feel much more relaxed about creating mood boards now and I can’t wait to make another one! It’s true what Gudy says. It’s nice to do something tactile. To get away from the laptop and do something creative is both fun and quite relaxing too.” – Hege Morris.

hege in france moodboard

Gudy’s comments:

These were my comments on Hege’s mood board referring to several techniques I teach in my ecourse. I was very happy to hear that Hege had enrolled and you can clearly see how many techniques she applied as a result.


1. Mainly square shapes > consistency, gives a less uncluttered feel and you can easily tell four individual stories here. Each corner comprises a mini board.
2. Working a soft tone-on-tone palette: coherent message, fits very nicely into a bedroom (colors and content are balanced).
3. Perfect election to start with the bedroom pic because that’s what it is all about.
4. Overlapping: it’s a good choice to place the rosary that breaks a bit the flat and square elements, and gives a mystic touch to the story.
5. Dark elements: are displayed at the bottom right. Perfect spot since the weight is at the end and the eye can easily flow throughout the mood board from top left to bottom right.
6. Framing: the mood board carries a white frame allowing the elements to breath which is always a more elegant way of finishing up and matches very well with the overall look&feel.


The Mood Board: There is absolutely no further comment from my side when it comes to apply techniques and give additional feedback. The mood board is perfect! Any observation would refer to personal taste, but even then, I absolutely love every single detail. It’s a wonderful work, Hege!

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