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Home Study winner of the #StyleAtMine challenge

Winning Styling: Industrial Home Study by Astrid Mosert

Pens down everyone! With an extra bonus day this year, February is over and with it we conclude our #StyleAtMine home study challenge!

For this hard-working challenge we teamed up with our friends over at{Orée Artisans} and one of the most talented stylists we know, at{mine} founding member Carolina Kommonen. The contributions have been absolutely fantastic and we’ve seen a great number of fabulous real home studies from all across the globe showcasing a wide array of interior styles. However there can only be one winner, and the winner is…. Astrid Mostert!

Congratulations to Astrid for winning this month’s #StyleAtMine challenge with the numerous beautiful stylings of your study. It looks like such a lovely spot in your home right next to the garden, we could really not decide which one we liked more, but the industrial desk with the gorgeous magnolia branch kinda bowled us over!

Home study winner #StyleAtMine

home study industrial workspace #StyleAtMine

Home Study #StyleAtMine industrial study

industrial workspace with green plants

Keep a look out for our new #StyleAtMine challenge, we’ll be announcing it tomorrow on the blog. Until then, here is a recap of some of our many favourite entries of February’s challenge!

collage atmine

the home study collage

collage atmine #styleatmine

styleatmine challenge

If you would like even more ideas for your workspace then head over to at{mine} for more inspiration. There’s something for everybody!

Home Study favourites from top to bottom, left to right: My Wunderkammer, Willow Maurice, Jenny Backman, R. May, Rowena Donker, Astrid Mostert, Tiffany Grant-Riley, Design Apartments, Bibi König,  Fable Media, Flory Hartog, Ask Og Eng, Pepper Schmidt, Cate St Hill, Antonia Schmitz, Ingeborg Simone.


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  1. I’m not really the person to enter a competition, but when someone told me about the styling your study contest of At Mine I just had to join. With the vintage Gispen desk we actually bought for the new bedroom of our son Jens (but is still in our livingroom, because of the renovation of our house) I styled our study and guess what? I won! Thank you At Mine!

    Warm Wishes, Astrid

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