winner of the atmine bathroom styling challenge

Winner styling: Colourful vintage bathroom by Janice Issit

There is nothing like the turn of a new year to make us want to start afresh,  so we decided to start 2016 with a clean slate: our January #StyleAtMine bathroom styling challenge!

The challenge was co-hosted by one of our most inspiring members and stylist Laura Seppänen and our friends at{Soak&Sleep}. We have been able to indulge in a flood of beautiful bathrooms and home-spa moments in this otherwise often neglected area of our homes, leaving us with a hard time to pick three lucky winners of this month’s #StyleAtMine challenge.

So without further ado we announce one overall winner and two runner-ups: Congratulations to our member Janice Issitt for winning this month’s #StyleAtMine challenge with her unique and colourful bathroom styling, and the fantastic runner-up contestants Nathalie Regardsetmaisons and Katerina Dima – congratulations to all of you! You’re in for some fabulous treats from  Soak and Sleep. Splashing!

bathroom challenge runner up

Concrete bathroom by Nathalie Regardsetmaisons

runner up bathroom challenge

Bathroom essentials by Katerina Dima

If you want to keep indulging yourself in some more bathroom inspiration go over to at{mine} and check out all the bathroom design and decorating ideas that the community can offer!

And so as the holiday’s hibernation mode starts getting truly behind us get prepared for the February edition of the styling challenge! Stay tuned as we announce the February #StyleAtMine challenge tomorrow on the blog!