Here is a little sneak peek of what’s happening behind closed doors at{mine}. Thanks to phenomenal support and feedback of our beta community, we are on track to bring you the new and improved at{mine}.

The new site will first launch to our beta members in spring, ahead of general release to the public.

Before long, you’ll be able to discover content the way you want to: be it by searching for someone or something specific, browsing by category, or just getting inspired by the best the community has to offer.

It’s a natural extension from our existing design, but the experience will be more seamless and engaging. Best of all, we are finally going mobile (!) so you can enjoy at{mine} wherever you are.


And since we have so many cool, interesting and talented beta members on the site, we will expand our ‘How To’ and ‘Behind the scenes’ series here on the blog, which as you can see has had a facelift of its own. All under the watchful eye and sharp pen of Igor from Happy Interior Blog, who we are very excited to officially welcome to the team. So expect to see and hear more from us here and on all things social.

There is other fun stuff in the making too, so stay tuned for more.

See you soon at{mine}!