November has been a month of gatherings as pretty tables were set around the globe for our #StyleAtMine challenge. A very special gathering was the inaugural Function and Form event by our #StyleAtMine co-hosts and at{mine} founding members Annie & Tiff (catch our earlier interview with them here).

The stunningly beautiful happening was held earlier this month at our member Heal’s in London. We caught up with the duo to reflect on the event and what they and their guests took away from it.

“We are still on a massive high from our first Function and Form gathering and have received wonderful feedback from everyone who attended.

The idea was to invite a diverse group of creatives and enthusiasts – from bloggers, stylists, entrepreneurs, photographers and Instagrammers who all share a love of interior design to celebrate independent designer / makers and slow living together. Sometimes getting back to basics is exactly what you need, to talk face to face with someone you might never put yourself in a room with before with a shared interest. We hope we’ve encouraged new friendships and collaborations.


The Forge & Co cafe at Heals in Central London was the perfect venue for our Saturday morning brunch with its modern industrial interior, exposed brick, deep blue walls and wide warehouse windows creating the feeling of warmth and hibernation we craved – a nod towards our styling. We kept the look really simple with a combination of rosemary in concrete pots made by one of our partners Concrete Jungles, fresh eucalyptus, ripe figs and dry, sculptural seed heads. The linen napkins were handmade from Irish linen by 31 Chapel Lane which tied in beautifully with one of our guest speakers who designs and makes linen aprons from their studio in Northern Ireland.


Sara Quinn & Jono Smart

Our guest speakers potter Jono Smart and apron maker Sarah Quinn from Enrich and Endure both independent designer / makers, engaged and enthralled us with their passion and commitment to their craft and product and provided plenty of material for discussion during brunch. We loved being able to touch and pass around some of their pieces to gain more of an insight too. It was interesting to discover that, independent of each other, they both highlighted the importance of finding time to simplify and find what you love to work with.


So much of our lives are spent online and behind screens that an old fashioned get together gave everybody a boost of energy and lots of new connections have been made which will form the basis of our budding community.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we’re already busy planning the next event in Spring and can’t wait to reveal some more details soon. If you would like to attend our events in 2016 or are interested in becoming a guest speaker, partner or sponsor, you can contact us here.

See you in 2016! Tiff and Annie