If you thought we took a digital nap here on our blog then you have not been visiting at{mine} lately. While we were working relentlessly in the background on the community platform, our engaging beta members have shared a plethora of wonderful interior inspiration on a daily basis. Today we are very happy to give back to our wonderful beta community by launching the brand new at{mine} site exclusively to our beta members before the public launch. The extensive beta phase has been of ample importance for us to shape the community to the desires and needs of our users. The beta community has been an integral part in shaping today’s at{mine} platform which comes with a brand new look and feel.


The new at{mine} sites features new functionalities like a search function, an ‘Explore’ area structured into categories for quick inspiration browsing, a real-time feed of new images and enhanced profile pages for our users – both on desktop and mobile! We are very excited about this launch and we are beyond keen to hear your opinion and get your feedback! Please feel free to share it with us either here or on our social media channels like our Facebook page, our Instagram account or on Twitter.



But we have not only worked on the platform itself: This month we have launched an exclusive collaboration with the British interior design publication Heart Home Magazine where selected at{mine} beta members will be interviewed and their inspiring interiors will be shared with the extensive readership of Heart Home Magazine. Two interviews have already been published – read the interview with Katy Orme HERE and the latest interview with Heidi Maude HERE.

See you at{mine}!

Last photography by Katy Orme