Styling Spring

Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte Smith of Lotts and Lots are the masterminds behind the ‘Styling the Seasons’ project, which each month sees participants from the blogosphere and across social media styling a surface in their homes to reflect what the month means to them.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Katy and Charlotte have teamed up with at{mine} for a special Styling the Seasons event called #StylingSpringAtMine, which will take the shape of a competition and real-life styling get-together. We have handpicked an esteemed at{mine} blogger panel who will be judging April’s entries and picking their favourites to join us for a floral wreath making workshop in central London.

We asked Katy and Charlotte to share more about their inspiration behind Styling the Seasons and what to expect from the spring event.

Tell us a little bit about you & how you started blogging

Katy: I started my blog two years ago at the suggestion of my partner ( I think he was sick and tired of listening to my plans for our home!). I used to be a secondary school teacher until I gave it all up last year to follow my dream of working in the world of interiors. I finally decided to make my blog a full time job when I realised I was just passing time during the day so that I could get home to style up a corner of my home for a blog post or start a DIY project at the weekend. I have been obsessed with interiors since I was 11 years old when my parents let me decorate my bedroom; I think I have probably re-decorated every year since!

Charlotte: I started blogging a few years ago after discovering blogs when I was planning my wedding. I was working in an office job after leaving the fashion industry and was looking for an outlet for my creativity. I have always been really practical and always loved making so starting a blog was a perfect place to share my ideas and projects with like minded people. Initially the focus was on jewellery making and simple sewing projects but as I have spent the last 18 months renovating a beautiful but quite dilapidated Edwardian house, I have been sharing more and more home projects which are some of my favourites.

How did the two of you meet?

Charlotte and I followed each others blogs and we had both contributed to the Liberty blog. We then met a couple of times at blogger events and found ourselves thrown together in the beautiful Heritage Suite of Liberty getting far too excited about the fabric designs. We hit it off straight away and we make a really good partnership as we both bring different qualities to the Styling the Seasons project.

Charlotte (standing) and Katy (seated) at Liberty

How did you come up with the ‘Styling the Seasons’ series? What’s it all about?

I’d seen a really beautiful summer tray project on Katy’s blog that got the initial ideas stirring. After brainstorming further we both agreed that we wanted a project that was simple, seasonal and celebrated the home, from there, Styling The Seasons was born. Each month we style a surface in our homes to reflect what the month means to us, it is very personal as each month means something different, we then upload our images to our blogs and social media. One element we really wanted to ensure was making the series to open to anyone that wanted to participate. We have some wonderful bloggers that join in monthly as well as some really inspiring instagrammers on our  #stylingtheseasons hashtag. You don’t have to be the best photographer, stylist or have a magazine worthy home to join in, just a love of creating a beautiful home which has really connected with the online community.

This month you teamed up with at{mine} for a special Styling the Seasons- tell us more!

One of the things Charlotte and I discussed when we started STS was the fact that we wanted to interact with other like-minded people in ‘real life’. We thought it would be really good idea to organise events to mark each season. Our winter event was really successful so we are very excited to team up with at{mine} for a spring event. We have asked eight of the amazing at{mine} blogger members to judge April’s STS entries and our judges and winners will join us at Homemade London for a floral workshop led by Caroline of Wild Rubus. We will have beautiful flowers from Bloom and Wild to play with and we plan to make Spring wreaths and May Day posies with Lou Archell. We can’t wait!


What is your own take on styling flowers in your homes? What are your favourite flowers?

Katy: Spring flowers are without doubt my favourite blooms. I love the colours and the freshness of Ranunculus, Parrot Tulips and Paperwhites. I love to have tiny vases or bottles of flowers in every room rather than one big display as they can instantly lift the most dull of surfaces. I also use loads of foliage, especially Eucalyptus, to decorate my home; it is so much cheaper than flowers and can look so beautiful.

Charlotte: I really love freshly picked garden flowers of any sort and fill jars big and small with foraged finds! Billowy English roses have to be one of my favourite flowers, I love the scent and watching the petals unfurl. I also like to use herbs in arrangements not only do they smell amazing they last for ages.

Spring wreath ranunculus

A spring wreath with Katy’s favourite eucalyptus and ranunculus

In the May Day tradition you make a posy using foraged flowers in a jar and hang it on the front door of a someone you know or a stranger anonymously on the morning of May Day. Any hint of who will be receiving your May Day posy?

Katy: Ooooh, I couldn’t possibly say – I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Last year I left it on the office door of a colleague who was going through a difficult time and I hope it brightened her day.

Charlotte: I couldn’t say either! I know quite a few people that I’d like to give mine to so maybe I’ll make more than one. It’s such a wonderful tradition that I can’t wait to get join in.

You’re both at{mine} beta members; how are you finding it?

Katy: I love getting inspiration from real homes and it is so helpful being able to create wish lists based on products you can see in a real home context, rather than styled shots on shop websites. There are so many beautiful homes featured and I’m inspired by the variety of styles.

Charlotte: I love seeing inside homes from all across the world – I’m really enjoying the mix of styles that are on the site. I still have a long way to go with my house renovations, it’s really inspiring and useful to get ideas from real life examples.

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 21.37.14

A snapshot of Katy’s at{mine} profile featuring the special ‘Styling the Seasons’ category


Thank You Katy and Charlotte!

// Images courtesy of Katy Orme, Apartment Apothecary; Portrait of Charlotte & Katy by Katharine Peachey //