‘Tis the season to get a frantic urge to spruce up our homes, so we thought we’d get some inspiration from the pros.

We caught up with the winners of our WExAtMine styling challenge – Geraldine from Little Big Bell and Kate from Fabric of my Life to give you the lowdown on styling a homely space, the inspiration behind their winning styling and a sneak peek into their own homes.

What is your approach to styling a space?

Before I start, I usually decide on a theme, then put together a colour and texture palette in my mind. The space I use will usually be cleared, leaving me an empty canvas. I usually go with my instincts when I style. Every now and then I’ll take a step back to look at the whole picture, then fine tune the details.

I always look to incorporate moments of ‘reality’ into a styled space; personal mementoes, photographs, crumpled bed linen or half-drunk cups of coffee. Shots that give the impression of an inhabitant just outside the frame always speak to me so much more.

What was your inspiration behind your winning WExAtMine bedroom styling (below)?


As Winter and shorter days were approaching, we thought using bright colours like yellow would maintain that sense of light. We wanted it to be cosy, so added a knitted throw on the bed. A relaxed and ‘lived in’ feel was achieved with the reality of crumpled sheets, ruffled bedspread and breakfast in bed complete with Croissant crumbs on the tray.

We were inspired by lazy weekend mornings spent enjoying breakfast and papers in bed, something bloggers rarely get the chance to indulge in! We wanted to create a casual, lived-in aesthetic that played with bright tonal colours to combat the shorter days and darker mornings, and layers of patterns and textures to add an extra sense of warmth and cosiness.

Your styling effort won you a shopping spree at West Elm – what did you pick?

As Christmas is approaching, I decided to buy something with a festive feel. I decided on a classic red and white palette for a holiday breakfast table. This was achieved with a set of white and red enamel plates and Brooklyn mugs. I also bought some spiced marmalade jam and the Pinecone and Thistle candle to set the mood.

West-Elm-London-Market-mugs-styling-and-photo-Little-BigBell West-Elm-Spiced-marmalade-Little-Big-Bell

I haven’t splashed the cash yet, but have had my eye on the Souk Wool Rug for ages now so will perhaps put it towards that…

Can you give us a sneak peek into your own home?

Geraldine: Here is a peek into my son’s bedroom – you’ll find more over on my blog!


Kate: I wish! I live in a rented Victorian mansion flat with 2 other girls so my home is far from immaculate. Being a rental means I can’t have it quite the way I would like if I had free rein to decorate properly, but having lived here for over 3 years now it really feels like home.


What are your top tips for styling your own home?

Buy decorative objects that you know will be a classic, one that you really love and will still do so many years down the line.

Be sure to surround yourself with things you love! Don’t just buy things to be matchy-matchy, buy them because they speak to you and remind you of your travels, adventures with friends and moments of pure joy in your life. Cushions, rugs, blankets and throws are quick easy ways to add colour and texture to a bland decor scheme, and your favourite pieces of art of the wall can instantly lift a space. Follow your heart and style with products that are guaranteed to make you smile, again and again.

Geraldine, you recently won the Interior Blog Award for Colour Inspiration – what’s your advice when it comes to adding colour to your home?

Experimenting with colour is fun. One way to gain confidence with using colour is to have a shelf against a white wall. Take your time to mix and match objects of different colours together. After a while you will get an idea of the palette and colour combinations you like. Then you can move on to using that palette on larger furnishings such as cushions or throws.

For walls, I would start off with subtle light colours. If it is too daunting to try bold or bright hues on the walls, one could paint large canvases in those tones and layer them upon the subtle wall tones. Alternatively, paint a small alcove or the back wall of exposed recessed shelves to gain initial confidence.


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