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You would be forgiven to think that penning one of the top 5 blogs in interior design rankings worldwide and working with design 24/7 would make a style snob out of anyone. Not so with Si however. The San Francisco based blogger behind French by Design is all about authenticity – something we can relate to so well as that’s just what at{mine} is about. And to top it off she’s just about the coolest, funnest and nicest person you can imagine. So imagine our joy when Si agreed to run a bi-weekly blog series entirely dedicated to real interiors found on at{mine}.

The series will feature anything from plant shelfies, over pets on furniture, to inspiration around a certain room or colour and full house tours. Catch Si’s eye by following her on at{mine} and adding #MineByDesign in the comments to your images, and your home might just be the star of her next post!

We caught up with Si to chat blogging, style, and life.


Hi Si! Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Si, curator of the French By Design blog, mom of two teenage girls and dog walker to Daisy, our Golden Retriever. I’m French from my mother and Berber from my father. I lived in Morocco and France before moving to the US a few years ago. I now live in San Francisco, California.

What was your inspiration behind French By Design?

After 10 years in the marketing field, I moved with my family from France to the US. Back then, my two girls did not speak a word of English, and my husband travelled extensively for work. I decided to pause my marketing career for a bit to settle my family into our new environment. But I got quickly bored when the kids were at school, so I decided to open a tiny vintage online shop.

This was way before ‘vintage’ was en vogue and trendy. For many people in the US, vintage items meant a shabby chic décor, grandma’ish and old style. So I started a blog showcasing modern interiors that used vintage finds and décor pieces in a unique way. The blog grew quickly, way beyond my expectations, and at some point I had to make a choice : keep the shop or pursue the blog. I chose the latter option and never looked back at my marketing career either. This has been a truly amazing journey.

Vintage chairs at French by Design

Si’s love for vintage pieces shines through in her home

How does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up very early in the morning, way before my family because that’s when I’m the most creative. Then I work in my home office most mornings, and go out with Daisy and my camera if my schedule is light. After 3PM and until 8PM, it’s family time, where I check homework, listen to high school drama stories, prepare dinner, and then it’s back to work a bit before bed time. I wouldn’t call it the most glamorous life, but I wouldn’t exchange a minute of it either. I love the flexible schedules of my job, and above all, the fact that I live out of my passion.


Could you define your style in 5 words?

Eclectic, French, Simple, Warm, and Authentic.

What’s the coolest thing in your home?

My latest addition in the TV corner: a Ligne Roset Togo sofa in a caramel color leather.

Si's new Ligne Roset Togo sofa in the TV room French by Design

Si’s new Ligne Roset Togo sofa in the TV room

And the least coolest?

A horrid light fixture in our dining room above the dining table. We are currently renting, but if we get to stay in this house in little longer, it will be the next thing I change.

You’ve just launched a new blog column to feature inspired interiors from at{mine} using #MineByDesign, what’s most likely to catch your eye?

AUTHENCITY! We live in a social media world where everything is supposed to always look perfect: our life, our style, our hair, our makeup, our body, our home. With the abundance of perfectly styled and un-reachable interior pictures, I always find it refreshing to find authentic and real interiors from real people that bring me fresh doses of inspiration. And the at{mine} community brings me exactly that.

Daisy at home with French by Design

Miss Daisy, being authentic

If you could decorate anyone’s home, whose would it be?

I’d love to decorate the home of one my long-time readers, one who started reading me way back when I started blogging and evolved with me through the blog growth and style. What a fun experiment and collaboration this would be, both creatively and personally!

Who would be your dream guests to sit at your table?

Nina Simone, Martin Luther King, Bono, Coco Chanel, and Freddy Mercury. Best-dinner-ever, right?

A table set for (fantasy) guests French by design

A table set for (fantasy) guests

We are big fans of your quotes – which one are you living by at the moment?

Ah, thank you! Over the last 6 years of blogging, I have compiled so many quotes, I wouldn’t know which one to pick! Recently, I pinned a quote that read : “No one is you, and that is your power.” Another one I have in my office wall at the moment is “Don’t go with the flow. You are the flow” by Sugi Tanaka.

Thank you Si!

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