There’s no better time than the turn of the year to start on a clean slate. If the shenanigans of the festive seasons have you longing for a detox, here is your chance to cleanse your palate and join in January’s #StyleAtMine styling challenge, which is devoted to bathrooms and those home-spa moments. Share yours on at{mine} with the hashtag #StyleAtMine during January for a chance to overhaul your whole towel stock and more with a £200 winning price from our member Soak&Sleep.

The talented stylist behind the challenge is Laura Seppänen, an immensely talented young interior designer from Finland, who styled some gorgeous Soak&Sleep products in a bathroom she designed for a client. We took the chance to catch up with Laura on her life and work.

laura seppanen bathroom interior krista keltanen at mine2

One of Laura’s #StyleAtMine bathroom stylings using Soak&Sleep products

Hi ​Laura! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Laura Seppänen, 26-years-old interior designer and entrepreneur living in Helsinki, Finland. I’m definitely a city girl that loves good food and rap music. Addicted to sushi and Instagram. I’m dreaming about fishbone parquet and endless patience. Would like to own a wine cellar and be a bit more Danish.

I launched my own design agency in the beginning of 2015, that creates interiors for both public spaces and private homes. In addition to interior design and space planning, I also manage highly visual social media activities for different design/decoration companies. Writing, styling and photoshoots are close to my heart as well.


One of Laura’s interior stylings

How would you describe your personal style?
I think my home to me is a playground where I don’t really have to think like an interior designer, it’s more of a white canvas to mess around with.

My personal style is really a mixture of everything. I always fell in love with the details of objects; shape and aberration rather than how it would actually fit to the entirety of my home. Clean scandinavian style is very typical to me but at the very moment I find Australian homes very interesting. Those have the presence of Scandinavian design but with a hint of Bauhaus vibes, more colorful and relating to arts.

Right now thin metal structures and massive carpets catch my eye. I also started hoarding lamps. It used to be chairs that I was collecting but there’s absolutely no space for those anymore. Would like to paint my walls with dark grayish blue. And own a piece of Serge Mouille lighting.


A corner of Laura’s home showcasing her love for carpets and lamps

You’ve teamed up with at{mine} for January’s #StyleAtMine challenge which is all about having a clean start; how do you go about creating a beautiful bathroom?

Like with every other interior design project, I started creating this one based on the hopes of my customer; Scandinavian, simple but fresh and rather monochrome than colorful. I wanted to keep the surfaces quite clean with those very large white wall tiles, but added some structure with the concrete wall and the matte hexagon floor tile. Dark grey floor doesn’t expose the dirt.

laura seppanen krista keltanen at mine

Bathroom design & styling by Laura

The lighting is the most important thing I think. All the brightness and freshness is created with well planned general lighting. The tone of the light is the key, I chose brighter and a bit colder lights that are adjustable in many ways.

Minimal amount of stuff is on display, only the most beautiful ones can stay. The textiles are important of course, they bring softness and warmth to the monochrome interior. Let’s not forget the greens and flowers!

laura seppanen bathroom interior krista keltanen at mine4

Laura’s bathroom styling with pretty grooming paraphernalia and plants

Quick morning shower or long evening bath ritual?
I would go for the quick morning shower, that is how I really wake myself up and evenings are usually taken for something else!

How does the rest of a typical day in your life look like?
Hard to describe a typical day cause it really happens a lot in my life right know. Creative work to me means creative life as well. But after the shower and a loads of coffee I usually start with emails and other work that can be done from home. Then meetings, usually a lunch date, then more work and afterwards maybe to some design events to meet colleagues, ’cause entrepreneur life can be a bit lonely sometimes. In the evenings I’ve usually organized something fun to do with my friends that involves eating.

​How can you make your home become your sanctuary?
Bring your closest people around and make sure they have enough comfortable seats to stay a bit longer. Surround yourself with objects that cause some kind of a reaction in you. Overthinking with the interior kills the vibes, as they say ”more home less house”.

Thanks so much Laura!

See more of Laura’s home at{Laura Seppanen} and discover more bathroom design and decoration ideas at{mine}