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We were really excited when Willow Maurice joined at{mine} a few months ago.  Willow’s style is minimal, but also very Nordic. In her home she mixes black and white with shades of grey, but she can also do sweet and girly. Her daughter’s pink room is the complete opposite and of course it’s still just as fabulous as the rest of the home!  As a stylist, Willow’s home is forever changing, so we really enjoy her frequent uploads. She’s sharing some future plans with us and also some styling tips, so keep reading!

Hi Willow! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a former 8th grade math teacher and now a stay-at-home mom of three little ones: 6, 3 and 1.5 year olds. I don’t have any formal training in designing and styling, but I’ve always loved it.  Growing up, my mom was always styling our home and making it look beautiful. I used to watch her as she would hang pictures, decorate shelves and so on. It was always my favorite thing to do.

All the work I’ve done, up until this point, has been through lots of hands-on practice.  I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled than when I get to be with my babies and style my home, and at the same time (although it’s not always easy and seamless).

Willow Maurice interview on atmine

Can you give us a useful styling tip?  

When I style an area of my home, I try to keep it simple. It’s oftentimes easier said than done for many people! When styling shelves, for example, I gather the items that I want to be displayed, and then I pull two or three things out of the mix (I can always add them in, if need be). But I think it’s easier on the eye, when you don’t have too much out. That way, you can really emphasize a focal point. Be it a candle, vase, or your favorite print. Remember, less is always more.

Also, a very simple tip is to add greenery to any space.  I love adding plants throughout my home, even in my kitchen. If you aren’t keen on caring for plants, then you can always add a bushel of flowers to your tabletop. It’ll spruce up any space, with very little effort.

Willow Maurice styling tips on atmine

What’s your next decorating project? 

I’m so excited for this: we are building our dream home at the end of this year. I’m so thrilled to be designing and styling my home from the bottom up.  My husband has basically given me all the style and interior design decisions (as long as he can have his garage. I say, that’s a perfect compromise).  I will be documenting our home progress, plus different styled vignettes on at{mine} and other social sites. It’ll be fun to see what my followers and friends think. I hope some of the ideas that we put in to the house will inspire others.

Willow Maurice on at mine styling tips

What is your favourite item in your home?

It’s so hard to choose just one!  It changes often for me. I think right now, my favorite item is my Menu flip around table. I love the design and form of it. But even more so, it’s very versatile. It can be used as a side table, stool, and/or mini tabletop. I usually put my coffee on it, while I’m scrolling through my feeds. I love it. It’s also very strong. I know this, because my kids love it too!

Willow Maurice girly room

Where do you find your inspiration? 

All over the place!  I love Instagram, Pinterest and of course, at{mine}. This world is full of incredibly, talented people and to be able to see their creations by the swipe of my thumb is unreal!  I love looking at pictures and deriving inspiration from them, however, I always make my work, my own.  I always stay consistent to my own, unique style.

Specifically, my favorites stylists are onlydecolove, thedesignchaser, weekdaycarnival, and amerrymishap.

Willow Maurice black and white styling

Thank you so much, Willow!

// See more of Willow’s home styling and future house move on at{Willowstyleco} //