Somehow we blinked twice after the summer and it was suddenly October! As meals are increasingly enjoyed indoors rather than alfresco, our forth #StyleAtMine challenge takes us into the heart of the home: the Kitchen. During the course of the month we are interviewing some delicious member of the community about their kitchen and cooking style here on the blog. Today we’re having a kitchen chat with Pepper Schmidt of Heimatbaum, the winner of July’s Kids Room styling challenge.

Hi Pepper! Tell us a little bit about yourself

I just turned 29 for the first time and I´m living in southern Germany with my husband and my 17 month old daughter. Normally I´m in the Print Media business, but at the moment I´m working as Interior Stylist and Photographer. I was always interested in room-styling and since we bought our house last year, I have place to realize all my ideas.

Where do you find inspiration for your home (other than at{mine} :)?

Mostly on Instagram and Pinterest but also from films. I love the style of the Hobbits and Elves and especially since we have visited the movie sets in New Zealand, I´m now and then thinking about turning our home into a Hobbit hole.


Pepper’s winning #StyleAtMine Kids Room styling


We loved all your #StyleAtMine contributions so far, and you won our Kids Room challenge in August. What are some of your tricks for home styling? Spill the beans!

I love the scandinavian style with it´s clean and minimal look. But I also like ethnic patterns and materials and as I can´t make a decision for one of both styles I created a combination of both which I call ‘Scethno’. Black and White is beautiful and timeless, but it needs to be combined with wood and unique pieces like handmade ceramics, baskets and wool blankets to become a cozy family home. If you bring home nature, you´ll never be wrong.

I think it´s important to transfer your personality into your home styling. If you like to travel, show it in your home. If you love sports – add it to your style. If you just copy an actual interior trend, it will just look like a costume for your rooms.


Pepper’s DIY Tea Towel Rack

October is all about the Kitchen on at{mine}, what does your kitchen tell us about you?

First of all, I think it shows that I´m very unsteady with my style. The kitchen never stays the same longer than a month. It is a mirror of what I actually like. I´m working on a new styling which will perfectly fit my love for coffee. In fact, the only thing I really love to cook, is coffee! I like the kitchen as a place to come together but more in the way of a coffee shop as in the function as a real kitchen.


Pepper’s Kitchen slash Coffee Shop

What’s your favourite dish?

I like easy and uncomplicated things which can´t go wrong like green asparagus with bacon, parmesan and strawberries. Or just Spaghetti Napoli which we have once a week.

If you could pick anyone, who would you most like to cook for in your kitchen?

That would be my Oma. She died 2013 after a long period of illness and so she missed all the important things which happened in my life: my marriage, my daughter and our house. I´m sure she knows exactly what´s going on here, but I would really like to have her in my kitchen to cook her special dishes together.

Thank you Pepper!