For November’s #StyleAtMine challenge we have joined forces with Joy from the extraordinarily tasteful ‘Mornings Like These‘ movement, which encourages people from across the world to catalog their mornings to inspire presence and mindfulness.

In the first of at{mine} gatherings, Joy will be hosting an intimate breakfast with friends at her home in Virginia, US, featuring the iconic rimmed enamelware by our brand partner Falcon Enamel.  We took the opportunity to catch up with Joy ahead of the event to share her story.

Hi Joy! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Joy and I am a content creator, photographer and amateur videographer. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and rescue pup, Henry. I run a lifestyle project called Mornings Like These where I strive to influence and motivate my online audience to participate in mindful mornings everyday.

What was your inspiration behind ‘Mornings like These’?

Mornings Like These arose out of my own need for a new perspective. I was recycling a lot of toxic thoughts everyday and one day, I decided to start thinking differently and then Mornings Like These was born. I focus each day on appreciating routine, unexpected surprises, and the anticipation of what’s to come.

How do you start your own mornings?

Every morning, I wake up and brew a pot of fresh coffee. I make breakfast for my husband and I. We always make enough eggs to give the dog some with his breakfast. We devote every morning to going slow and spending time together. It helps us to start off on the right foot.

How does the rest of a typical day in your life look like?

Most days, I head to the gym early in the day and spend the rest of the day working on a project for a brand or personal project. I have reorganized my life these days to allow for just enough down time – it’s pretty essential to me to have time for myself. I’m pretty selfish about that.


Joy’s work desk

You’ve teamed up with at{mine} for November’s #StyleAtMine challenge; how do you go about creating a beautiful table setting?

As many natural elements as possible. Greens, flowers, whatever you can find. Let your character, whether it be mismatched, uniform, you name it… let it show. You want your style and personality to reflect in your hospitality with your guests and family. Mix matte colors with different metals or stick with all whites or darks. Make sure it feels like you.


Joy’s table decked with Falcon enamel ware

Who would be your dream guests to sit at your table? 

My favorite author, Henry Miller. Billie Holiday. Abraham Lincoln. Martha Washington. Van Gogh.

Thanks Joy!

// How do your mornings look like? Share your table styling in the Table Setting category on at{mine} during November for a chance to win gorgeous cookware by Falcon Enamel //