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Our interview series with plant loving creatives continues during the month of September and our #StyleAtMine topic ‘Plants & Art’ in collaboration with the Urban Jungle Bloggers and My Deer Art Shop. Today we are speaking to Janneke Luursema, the creative mind and photographer behind Amsterdam based Botanic Still Life and one of our plant loving at{mine} members. Janneke explores the beauty and magic of plants through her photography and elevates houseplants into art like settings. Reason enough for us to speak to Janneke about plants.

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How important is it for you to have plants at home?
Plants make my home beautiful and nice to live in. I love them and use them in my work as a photographer.

Why do you think are plants so popular right now?
Part of it is a revival of the seventies I guess, along with the weaving / wall hanging / pottery things. It comes and goes. But the drive to make your home a happy one is of all times of course, and plants do bring so much goodness. I like plants because they are alive, they change everyday. I’m fascinated and deeply inspired by the beauty of plants and nature in general. Also, plants clean the air and give the space a nice atmosphere. A little bit of nature in the home makes people feel good and relaxed.

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Do you have some easy styling tips with plants?

Well, personally I love to combine them with vintage ceramics. But all white pottery does make the greens stand out, and only terra-cotta pots bring some quiet. If you do not have room for bigger plants, a few (baby) succulents in teacups from the thrift store are cute. Tillandsia look great with rocks and crystals hanging on a plain white wall. I like to group my plants with contrast of color and texture in mind, but the most important thing is, of course, to give the plant a spot where it is happy. And there’s one for almost every space! If there’s enough light, the bathroom is a great place for plants that like humidity. Pathos does not need much and thrives almost anywhere (except in direct sunlight). Also a great one for a hanging planter. Sansevieria is happy in low light conditions as well. Remember Don Drapers apartment? Sansevierias in the almost-dark!

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If you had to keep only one plant, which one would it be?

That would be the monstera deliciosa, one of my first and my most pictured plant. So photogenic! You can cut off leafs and they will stand in a vase for months, if you’re lucky growing roots too. The all purpose interior styling plant, that would definitely be the monstera. I noticed there are variegated ones too, would love to own one of those! It is also my biggest one. For the smaller ones I could find a new home, but who can take such a big monster in? Sometimes you see giant monsteras standing by the garbage. That’s so sad.

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Do you have a secret plant care tip? How do you keep your plants happy and thriving?

Well, for starters, they’re not all thriving. Sometimes they’re just not happy and I can’t find out why. But I try to give each one a spot where it gets the right amount of light and I just love them. Enjoy them, and the care taking is not a chore, its something that brings you calm. You can google all you need to know about plant care. Oh, and most plants want to be dusted, haha. I give them a shower now and then, you can also put them outside in the rain once in a while. I’m not an expert at all, I just try and sometimes fail. That’s fine. And yes, I also talk to them though not very often, but I don’t sing and I don’t play music for them 😉

Thank you very much for this fun and inspiring interview, Janneke!

Photography by Janneke Luursema