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Interview: Ingrid Jansen from Wood & Wool Stool


Our interview series for this month’s #StyleAtMine challenge continues with an inspiring and scrumptious interview with creative blogger and crafter Ingrid Jansen of Wood & Wool Stool. We talk interior design, styling, cooking and – yes – kitchens.

Hi Ingrid! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Ingrid and live with my husband Henk, son Minne and daughter Pippa in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Besides my work as a floral stylist at hotel Villa Augustus, I have a small handmade company, Wood & Wool stool and I’m an almost daily blogger about my life, work, designs, fashion, travels and family. With my friend I organize travel workshops in Marrakech twice a year.

Where do you find inspiration for your home?

With a penchant for travel, we have filled our home with treasures that have gathered over the years, keeping the walls white throughout and layering in colour through bright textiles and an eclectic smattering of vintage accessories.


We love your home, your style is so distinctive and unique. What are some of your tricks for home styling? Spill the beans!

Interior is one of our passions. The most wonderful thing is, the interior is never finished and it never will be. Our journeys inspire our interior, we always find the best stuff during our travels. We buy what we like, no matter the style. Everything fits in naturally and I love the way our home is a growing and every changing space. We have quite some collections in our house, like for instance all kind of colourful jars on the kitchen cupboard. When you put them all together, no matter the size, color or material, it breaths harmony and becomes one big piece, which looks more interesting than putting them everywhere in the house.


Same for all the plates we have. I like to change plates and we circulate our huge stock of plates on the kitchen table. so it always looks different. We found an old serving cart in a vintage shop (from a hospital i guess) and we’ve put the stacks of plates on it. You can see them when you don’t use them and it’s also very practical.

A huge table in the kitchen always works very well, when you have enough space. We found a long canteen kitchen table (2.4m) from a school in Belgium, space for ten!

October is all about the Kitchen on at{mine}, what does your kitchen tell us about you?

It reflects my style. Everything matches as long as I like it, it’s okay. Our kitchen is like everything else in the house, a mixture of personal stuff.The kitchen itself is very basic, situated in only one corner of the kitchen for we wanted to have more room in the for a kingsize-table, wooden kitchen cupboard and side tables. So we don’t have too many cupboards, but there is just enough space for a dishwasher, oven, freezer, fridge and a small sink, the rest of the kitchen is big enough to create a living-kitchen. In our kitchen you can find all kinds of personal stuff, like jugs, vintage crockery, fresh flowers on the kitchen table, old Moroccan bread baskets, the top of the serving cart is stacked with cooking books (we are addicted to cooking books) plants and prints. You can sense our love for arabic food and interior, although our kitchen is absolutely not over the top Moroccan.


What’s your favourite dish?
I love the arabic kitchen and we often cook in the tajine. You can put almost everything in and because of the slow cooking it always tastes delicious. It’s also very easy when you have to cook for a larger group for the tajine is doing it’s work, once everything is prepared and with some salads, lentils you have an entire dish and even have time for your guests.
The best cook in the house is beyond doubt my sweet husband Henk. Even when there’s almost nothing in the fridge he can present a lovely dish. I think he’s a very creative cook.

If you could pick anyone, who would you most like to cook for in your kitchen?
We often invite friends at home and I think the best way to spend together is at the kitchen table with good food, drinks and chats. Can’t think of anyone particular at this moment. We once cooked for 25 family members and made a long table of all the tables in the house and garden. We ended up with a table line from the front of our house in the kitchen to the back of our house in the living room. We gathered all the stools in the house, borrowed some tajine from others and cooked a Moroccan Christmas dinner. Sitting all together like our home was a restaurant was a very special feeling and we had a magical time. It would be lovely to do that again.

Thank you for the interview, Ingrid!
Discover more of Ingrid’s home on her at{mine} profile as well as in the new cookbook ‘Yvestown in the Kitchen’ that you can win if you join this month’s #StyleAtMine challenge.


  1. I love Ingrid’s blog – it’s one of the best out there and I have followed a few over the years. I love how she doesn’t try too hard with her style and buys what she likes…..this gives her home a beautifully individual touch and it’s so bright and cheerful. I wish I could sit at her long table and breathe in the atmosphere. Cheers from New Zealand.

  2. A very nice interview!

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