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Since August on at{mine} is all about the wildness and general fabulousness of the kids rooms, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a step back to also think about some of the more practical aspects behind all of the wonderful contributions we’ve seen on #StyleAtMine.

The centre of every kids room is still the bed. And no matter if you are a colourful-prints or a monochrome-patterns person; when it comes to choosing the mattress, the pillow or the duvet, there are always so many questions that come to mind  – natural or synthetic? soft or firm? how many togs? what is a tog?!?

Thankfully one of our brilliant members is Soak&Sleep, an online retailer who makes (as its name might indicate!) bath and bed products. We caught up with founder Charlie Hunt to get some insider tips on choosing the right products, and talked about how they came to at{mine} and what they think of our community. Get the pen and paper ready, pronto!

How can we style a wow-worthy kids bed without breaking the bank?

The best thing about a kid’s room is that you can really go to town with playful prints, bold colours and fun accessories – the only thing to consider is that you’ll need everything to be pretty durable. As we all know, kids don’t think about how sturdy/delicate/expensive an item is; they’re just there to have fun and learn! Good quality bedlinen will last you for years. With this motto in mind, it’s well worth investing in timeless classics; choose 100% cotton for it’s easy to care for properties. Accessorise with trend-led, playful accessories to update the look as your child ages.

As the hub of the room, the bed should reflect the child’s personality and incorporate their interests to create a haven. Do they like to read? Keep books nearby. Are they artistic? Play with colour and prints. Whatever theme you opt for, much like an adult bedroom, or even a hotel room, the bed should be a cosy, inviting den… it should make your little ones excited for bedtime each and every night. Use the best materials, such as inviting and tactile brushed cotton, and layer up playful printed bedding with versatile throws and bedspreads that can be used to add warmth / as a snuggly blanket / a make-shift tent / cape / picnic blanket {delete as appropriate!}.

Soak&Sleep - Kids animal character print bedlinen

Can you tell us how to make the little ones sleep through the night??!

Or in other words, could you give us some practical tips for buying pillows and duvets that will make them want to stay in bed?

Whilst there is no trick for ensuring a solid 8 hours (if you know of one, please share the secret!) it is possible to make the bed an enjoyable place for your child to be, with comfort of course taking the lead priority. As with an adult bed, it’s all about getting the key factors right and everything else will fall into place. Start with the mattress: a decent mattress should last you a good 7 – 10 years, so it’s well worth investing in the best you can afford. Whilst it’s certainly possible to purchase children’s mattresses that cost next to nothing, remember that from early years through to teens is when your children do most of their growing. A supportive mattress is key to bone development, and when you consider that it can help to ensure more restful sleep (and therefore more peace and quiet for you!), it’s a no-brainer! Spend as much as you can afford on a medium firm mattress. I would always recommend adding our Waterproof Anti Bed Bug Mattress Encasement for younger children too, for peace of mind and a long-lasting fresh mattress.

Ensure your little princes and princesses are kept cosy all year round with a breathable duvet. Natural fillers are naturally breathable, or opt for a high quality synthetic filler with a breathable casing for all night comfort. Additionally, seasonal-weight duvets allow for the ultimate temperature control; opt for a 4.5 tog for the warmer months, a 9.0 tog for spring and autumn and combine the two to create a 13.5 tog for the cold winter months. Younger children tend to sleep warmer, so if they’re under the age of four, I’d recommend only using up to 7.0 tog.

Likewise when it comes to the right pillow choice, there are 3 factors that come into play:

  • Natural or synthetic filler?
  • How does your child sleep? On their side / back / front?
  • Do they have a firmness preference?

The chances are, your little one won’t have a preference at all, in which case a great all-round option is an Anti Allergy Microfibre Pillow. It’s great value, super comfortable, completely anti-allergy and easily washable – simply pop into the washing machine at 60 degrees: ideal for a long-lasting, fresh pillow.

It’s always very confusing, what material is better for children, Natural or Synthetic?

Younger children have very sensitive skin so I would always recommend high quality, natural products. A 100% Pure Wool duvet is the best possible option in this case, and has even been proven to offer up to 25% more REM sleep (the deepest form of sleep). Top this off with a brushed cotton bed set for the softest of sleeps.

As children get older, it again comes down to preference. Some say that there is nothing better than thick, lofty feather and down, whilst others will always prefer the anti-allergy properties of synthetic. We have created our Soft As Down range to combine the two – the light, fluffy, cosy warmth of feather and down, with a microfiber filling. Whatever your choice, I would highly recommend topping all mattresses, duvets and pillows with protectors – easily washable, they ensure a fresher bed for longer.

Soak&Sleep - Kids bedding on rocking horse

Soak&Sleep is an at{mine} member – tell us a bit about the experience!

We’ve loved exploring at{mine} – it’s great to take a peek into homes from around the world, to see how different people choose to style their interiors, how cultural influences come into play. It’s incredibly inspiring and also provides great trend insights to take into account for future ranges too! From a brand point of view, at{mine} allows us to share our own images and to receive feedback; to hear what people like, and perhaps what they don’t. The best part though, has to be seeing how our customers use our products. Customers are able to ’tag’ their Soak&Sleep items, and they can then be viewed on our profile too. Seeing a new collection in-situ in a customer’s home never gets old – we work very hard to create a beautiful product range and it really does make it all worthwhile to see how our creations fit into everyday lives, right across the country (and soon to be beyond, too!)

If you could, whose kids’ room would you want to style?

My own! It would be 1000TC and ultra-comfortable Supreme Canadian Down duvet and pillows all the way.

Thank you very much Charlie, we’ve taken good notes!