Festive Table 2

Our at{mine} community is made up of creative individuals with a common passion for interiors and a lot of talent to go around between them. And if one of them sets the bar it’s definitely Mademoiselle Poirot. So when it came to asking someone to create a beautiful and simple Holiday styling to share with the community our minds were set on Carole, and we took this opportunity to catch up with her.


Hi ​Carole! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! So, I’m originally from Paris but spent a long time in Germany growing up. I moved to the UK nearly 18 years ago and now live in London with my boyfriend and my son. I have always been interested in interiors (I studied interior design but didn’t complete a degree because I discovered that I hated drawing floor plans) and photography and finally managed to give up my day job last year to pursue these passions in a full time career working as a stylist and photographer.

carole poirot

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style is, well, very personal. It is a mix of pieces I have inherited from my grandparents, finds from flea markets, travels, ebay and of course some pieces I’ve simply bought because I like them. I’m certainly no minimalist, but don’t like an overly cluttered look either. Since my styling work flows into my home life, I do have a lot of “stuff”, however, everything has its place. Having said that, I cannot wait to move house (imminently) and have more space. Overall, I’d say my style is neutral (I don’t really “do” colour), relaxed, inviting, a little eclectic and very sentimental – I get stupidly attached to items that remind me of events, places and people.

You did the beautiful Holiday styling for at{mine}; how do you go about styling a gorgeous table?

Actually, I deliberately try not to overly “style” a table because it might create something of a barrier for guest who might feel inhibited or as if they have to behave in an “appropriate” or formal manner. I rather set the table in an inviting way with some natural touches, using simple crockery, pure linen cloths and napkins and a few simple, white candles. I do add some touches to match the season (like Christmassy foliage), but overall it’s about the table being an inviting place and the canvas for a fun evening, not a piece of styling to admire.

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

I’d say dinner because that’s our main meal and the one where we sit together as a family.

carole poirot2

Who would be your dream guests to sit at your table?

All my friends. Because we all live so far apart from each other, from the north of the UK to France, Spain, Germany, Canada, there’s never really a chance to have everybody at the table at the same time. It would be so nice to think that this might happen one day…

Merci beaucoup Carole!

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