As part of April’s DIY styling challenge, we’ve invited our good friend Janice  to share one of her master DIYs with us. Janice recently won our Bathroom challenge with her gorgeous DIY copper bath. Now she’s sharing her metallic-leafing tricks with the community. Over to you Janice!

For my DIY project I thought I would talk about how to Gold/Silver and Copper leaf objects. You can do this on absolutely anything, from plant pots to furniture and baths.  For the sake of these photos I chose to copper leaf a plant pot to illustrate the process. I already had some real copper pots and adding the copper to some terracotta pots gives me a few different ones for the kitchen to match with my copper pans.

I use the products from Annie Sloan, you will need :  Gold Size (this is the glue) and metallic sheets in the finish of your choice. A few brushes, I use cheap ones which I thrown away afterwards, one for applying the glue and one to brush off the surplus leaf

Make sure your surface is dry and clean.  Apply the Gold Size liberally, it starts out white and then turns violet in tone.  You need to wait for it to turn violet  and transparent as this is the indicator that it has gone sticky.


Remove one individual sheet of leaf.  Hold it on the paper side and press the metallic side against the glue. Give it a firm rub through the backing paper and then pull away.  Keep doing this until your object is covered.  You will find that there are some loose fly away pieces of metallic, either press this down into the areas where there may be gaps or brush it away with a dry brush.  Try and catch the pieces that drop so that you can use them to cover and areas that you have missed.



On my bath I first painted it in chalk paint.  This was done some months before I covered it with copper so it was totally dry and set.  


This also looks really effective on furniture, I covered a little side table with silver leaf for my friends summer house makeover and also added some little details to other pieces of furniture, like an art deco cabinet which had unusual legs and handles. It is great for highlighting areas and really bring out the drama.

The Gold Size glue and leaves really go a long way and it’s so easy an effective you may get really carried away with trying it out.  


Thank you Janice! 

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