Today we are spending a creative and inspiring day at the floral wreath making workshop with all winners of the recently finished Styling Spring at{mine} challenge. As one of 13 judges we had the honour to pick one personal favorite and our eye was caught by the serene and balanced spring styling by Silkie Lloyd of Rosehip Paper & Home, a designer, illustrator and avid beta member in our at{mine} community. We used the opportunity to speak to Silkie and learn more about her interior stylings, her work as an illustrator and her views on the at{mine} community.

Silkie, how do you approach stylings in general, do you have a certain technique, do you have any styling rules?

I always approach styling colour first, as I do when I am designing a new paper collection. I wouldn’t say I have any rules as such and work instinctively until I feel like it’s perfectly balanced – after colour I think about how the shapes of the objects interact & create harmony and I always consider negative space, whilst trying to remember that less is more!


We’re enjoying your styling skills throughout your beautiful home that you’re sharing on at{mine} as a beta member. What does home mean to you and how important is it for you to love and shape the place you live in?

Home is about family. I live in a busy & happy home, with my two boys & partner. Home is not about perfection for me but about creativity & expression. Having a home that is full of originality is really important to me & I hope that it encourages my kids to value the importance of being individual & imaginative.


How would you describe your interiors style?

Eclectic & illustrative with lots of colour & story! We have a lot of vintage pieces too and love to mix old with new. I do sometimes crave the very simple minimalist look but I know in reality that’s not who we are as a family!


at{mine} is a platform for interiors lovers. What is your experience so far as a beta member? What do you love about it? What would you like to see added to the community when it launches officially?

I adore the whole concept of at{mine} I have always been fascinated by real interiors & I love to be inspired by other people’s creative expression. I love discovering people’s stories through the images of their spaces. Looking at real homes & how they are styled gives me confidence to try new things & experiment more & finding new sources to buy beautiful pieces for the home is fantastic.


You are a professional illustrator and designer and you’re running your paper goods business Rosehip Paper & Home. Tell us a little bit about it.

I launched Rosehip in 2004 when my eldest boy was a baby so I could be a stay at home Mum. I sell to highend gift shops & department stores as well as direct to the end consumer. My main product line is stationery & gift wrap. My work is not unlike my home – full of colour & vintage inspiration!

How do you come up with new designs for your paper goods? Where do you get the inspiration from?

I am often inspired by what I see in interiors online & in magazines. It might be a shape, mood or colour combination. More often these days I am inspired by modern children interiors and I especially love design that is loved by both adults & children. I am always inspired by vintage children’s books & toys but try to make work with a contemporary feel.

Last but not least: Name us one of your favourite at{mine} accounts that you follow and tell us why you love it!

It’s very hard to choose but I really love The Future Kept for its quirky bohemian feel – beautiful mid-century furniture mixed with eclectic artwork, textures & bold colour – full of story & character.

Thank you very much for the interview, Silkie.