Continuing with the interview series for August – we’re featuring some of the most inspiring mums from the at{mine} community to celebrate the second edition of #StyleAtMine, which is all about the kids rooms. Next up is Ruth Cozens, a graphic designer and co-founder of children and homeware brand Tobias & the Bear. We talk to her about career, kids, home and finding a balance, plus get a peek into the monochrome world of Arlo’s room. Love the room? Wait until you meet the mama behind it!

Hi Ruth! Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’ve worked in the online fashion industry for 11 years now, I used to head up the creative team at my-wardrobe.com but for the last 2 years I’ve worked for myself. I’ve started a creative agency (Sitorial) with an ex-colleague from Net-a-Porter and we specialise in working with smaller and start-up fashion and lifestyle brands, creating beautiful online spaces for them from website design to social media management. I also have my own childrenswear and homeware brand which I started with another ex-colleague, Tobias & the Bear – that’s been running for just over a year and we’re so excited with how it’s grown. We started that business after finding it really hard to get cool and comfortable clothing for our baby boys and it’s since spread into cool bedding as well – we keep finding gaps in the market! We design our own prints and then have the pieces made in the UK.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs and for your home?
For our designs it’s all about our boys and the things they love, but then we always try and give it a cool twist that will appeal to the parents too. The first two prints we created (Just Call Me Fox and Mr Bear) were their namesakes, Tobias’ (Leanne’s son) middle name is Fox and Arlo (my son’s) nickname is Arlo-bear. We do find ourselves getting a bit obsessed when it’s design time though – everything they point out or start to play with we think “how could we turn that into a print?”. For my home, it’s 99.9% online – I do a huge amount of research for both of my businesses and spend a lot of time browsing and posting to social media – it’s definitely a very regular occurrence for me to get distracted by a beautiful picture I find and keep clicking until I am on a product page somewhere with my credit card in hand ready to buy a new cushion, chair or rug.












August is all about the Kids room at at{mine} and we are featuring some creative mothers from our community here on our blog. How did having your son Arlo change your life?

Before having Arlo I was always the last in the office at night, there weren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to get my work done and I couldn’t imagine having less time – it was like that literally right up to the birth, Arlo arrived three weeks early so I hadn’t left work yet and ended up doing my work handover notes in between contractions, I was convinced I’d be back at work within 3 months and nothing much would change. After having him, I didn’t lose my drive to work but I did lose my drive to work for someone else – I became obsessed with trying to find the big idea that would allow me to start my own business and be in control of my working hours and environment – I had loads of crazy ideas before Leanne came up with the idea for Tobias & the Bear and I convinced her she couldn’t do it without me.




What is your Mama superpower and what do you admire in other creative mums you engage with?

My Mama superpower has been there since way before I was a Mama – I can draw a mean Disney character! I discovered what a good bribe it was when I was babysitting in my teenage years and it still works just as well with my own son. It’s amazing in today’s tech-crazy world how much children still love a felt-tip picture to stick on their walls and how they’re willing to behave (and sit still and watch) if you draw one for them. As to what I admire in other creative mums, its those who dress their children with style and personality without looking like they’re trying too hard, they’re usually the women who always look effortlessly cool themselves too so I admire them for both!


If you could, whose kids’ room would you want to kit out with your beddings?
The expectant Kardashian-West child… Kim and Kanye love a bit of monochrome so our Storm Boy bedding would be perfect and you couldn’t pay for that publicity!

Many thanks Ruth!