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Interview: Jeska Hearne of The Future Kept



Today we speak to Jeska Hearne, a UK based interior stylist, blogger and photographer, the creative mind behind the award-winning blog Lobster & Swan and founder of the beautifully curated online shop The Future Kept. Moreover, this inspiring woman is one of our fantastic beta members who doubles as private member in her blogger role and business member with her online shop. Reasons enough for us to ask Jeska for a little interview!


Jeska, tell us a bit about you, your award-winning blog and The Future Kept. How did the shop come to life?

I have been blogging for such a long time, it seems crazy that it has been eight years, and the Interior Bloggers award was the cherry on the top! Plus I have been lucky to have made some lovely friends and inspiring connections along the way. Having worked in retail for about 17 years (eek), I always had a dream of opening a shop of my own. It had been a few years in the heart, a year in the head and last October my husband Dean and I finally made it a reality. Selling things that have a deeper meaning and special place in peoples homes and lives makes all the hard work and late nights worth while. The response has been so lovely and I am so excited to see where the road will lead in this new chapter of our life.


Your stylings for both the blog and the webshop are so alluring and seem to connect real living environments and a dreamy, slightly boho atmosphere. How much work do you put in your stylings and photography?

I do spend a lot of time styling and taking photographs, but it never feels like work. Most of the images are from our home, which I am forever moving around, some days I feel ‘it’ and others not so much – hence the erratic postings on L&S – I only share when I really feel I have something worth talking about. I do love to make room and find space in our home for new plants, furniture or things we have made.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am most inspired by real life, city visits and working artist’s studios from the past and present. Reading books and imagining the homes within the pages, the writer Joanne Harris has always made my imagination run riot with her books, descriptions of hand built homes filled with treasure and things from the past – just magical.


How do you choose products for The Future Kept?
We often wait for something to catch our eye, have discovered wonderful brands online by all kinds of independent artists and designers – mostly we like an item to have a meaning and be worth you making space for it in your life. Beautiful things that tell a story, something with a unique design, will raise money for a good cause, that is good for the Earth or hand made by up and coming designer.


The Future Kept products in customers homes on  at{mine}

The Future Kept products in customers homes on at{mine}

One of your very popular products is the beautiful Honeycomb blanket by the House of Rym. Do you enjoy seeing it in people’s homes once they’ve purchased it in your store?
I love seeing this blanket over and over! Our wonderful customers have taken some amazing pictures of it being used in their houses. The pattern called out to me the minute I discovered it, and it was one of the first items we knew for sure that we had to have in the store. I love the colours and the design. It’s just so versatile, wrap up in it, cosy under it drape it and more! I love to use ours as a table cloth too, with rustic white crockery it’s the perfect alfresco accessory.


You are a very special beta member on at{mine} because you are managing two accounts – your blogger/private account and a business account for your webshop The Future Kept. Tell us about your experiences from both perspectives so far?
I am very honoured to have had a personal account since at{mine}launched, and love sharing interiors pictures and seeing everyones beautiful homes. I am very fascinated with out door spaces. Recently adding a business profile has and should be great for sharing and displaying items from the store in an actual living environment – all the things we sell and champion are items we use ourselves in our home and daily lives.


From a business perspective, why does it make sense to have an account on at{mine}?
I think using at{mine} from a business perspective (which is all new to me!) will be great to see how people use their homes, and the things they care most about in their interior spaces.


Last but not least we can’t help but ask you for your styling top tip!
Use everything – put it all in, then slowly strip back item by item until you are left with a balanced space.

Thank you Jeska for this great and insightful interview!

// Photography: Jeska Hearne //

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  1. Fabulous post and a lovely surprise to see one of my Future Kept treasures featured too. J

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