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August is all about kids rooms on at{mine}. The second edition of #StyleAtMine celebrates the cheerful, playful, stylish, wild and neat kids rooms in the homes of our members with kids. Peeking into those widely differing and truly charming and inspiring kids rooms, has tickled our interest to get to know the mum’s behind those rooms who have often weaved in their styling skills into designing their kids spaces. Thus we will be featuring inspiring mums from the at{mine} community during the entire month of August and interview them about their work, their kids, styling kids rooms and revealing their mum super-powers. The debutant of this month’s series of ‘mum interviews’ is German design blogger Eva of The Waldfrieden State.

kids room, atmine, StyleAtMine

Hi Eva! Tell us a little bit about yourself

I just came back from a six weeks camping trip with my husband and my two children in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. After such an adventure, it is wonderful to be back in my house, which is a landmark from 1910 called „Waldfrieden“. It means something like „Peace in the woods“, which totally describes the feeling you get when you are inside the house. Because I love my house so much, I called my interior design blog „Waldfrieden State“. The blog is very fresh. I blog mainly about North American Design and great small brands that I either know from several years I spent in San Francisco or find on my trips abroad. I also used to live in Berlin, which is my favourite city in Germany. Family life with my husband, my dog and my two children drove me back to Mülheim an der Ruhr (near Düsseldorf).

I worked in Marketing and Advertisement before I had my two children. But I realized that this is not my thing anymore. I wanted to be more creative and work independently, so I went back to school studying Interior Design, which was the right choice so far. I am really passionate about colours, fabrics and finding great vintage pieces.

kids room, atmine, StyleAtMine

Where do you find inspiration for your home?

My husband has general great taste and a good nose finding things in antique stores. So we make most of the decisions together regarding the style of our home. Most of my inspiration I get from books and interior design magazines which I buy wherever I go, regardless of the language. I collect the greatest finds in a big book that I go through regularly. I am also a big fan of Pinterest. We travel a lot so it is always fun to go to foreign interior stores and bring things home.

kids room, atmine, StyleAtMine

August is all about the Kids room at at{mine} and we are featuring some creative mothers from our community here on our blog. How did having your children change your life?

After the obvious changes like less time, less independence, less sleep but more laughter, more love, more fun, the most striking change was the change of my focus and my career. Before I had kids I really wanted to have a career and work full-time. My focus changed so much and I could not imagine myself in this work environment anymore.

What is your Mama superpower and what do you admire in other creative mums?

Funny, just last week when I was going up 100 stairs in Seattle with a five year-old, a toddler on one hand, the stroller on my shoulders and a backpack two women said to me: “Look, there is supermom!”. We just make it happen, somehow. But I seldom pad myself on the shoulder and say: “Well done today!”. I should do that more often. If I read stories about other successful moms, doing it all, I am like: How does she do that?

kids room, atmine, StyleAtMine

If you could, whose kids’ room would you want to style?

The bedroom of Colin Firth’s kids. I am a fan. He is fun. And I believe he is open to a great creative idea.

Thank you very much for the interview, Eva!