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With March spring is approaching and so are many new ideas and projects for at{mine}. We are working on the official launch of the at{mine} community and to kick start the project we are teaming up with some of Europe’s finest design bloggers gathered in the ‘Design Bloggers United’ group. Allan Torp, the blogger behind – Denmark’s most successful design blog – founded this refined group of design bloggers, who will later this week visit London and collaborate with at{mine}. We used the opportunity to speak with him before they touch down in London.

allan torp, interview, atmine, collaboration, bloggers, bungalow5

Tell us about the Design Bloggers United. What is it all about?

Nine of Europe’s most influential design bloggers have formed an alliance and been visiting European cities. A blog tour around Europe’s design brands is a way of discovering and championing the best in design and interiors.

It all started when I, Denmark’s leading design blogger, wanted to show the rest of Europe what Danish design could offer. This vision was brought to life when I invited eight bloggers from across Europe to Copenhagen during the summer of 2013. In Copenhagen, the blogging collective also worked with the new Danish design fair, DesignTrade (today North Modern). There we curated a Bloggers Zone, styling nine small areas that showcased each blogger’s favourite items from the fair’s exhibitors.

From this point the venture excelled. Many brands in other European cities began to show an interest in our group and we have since visited Berlin (December 2013), Stockholm (February 2014) and Amsterdam (October 2014). Tours are planned by me alongside the blogger representing a particular country. The bloggers group is always looking for new ways to collaborate and has recently worked on an exciting new design product in collaboration with Danish brand Skandinavisk.

Why should brands collaborate with Design Bloggers United?

Collaborating with Design Bloggers United gives the company a very unique voice across Europe. Together we have more than 500,000 visitors per month, not many can pull out the same number. Together with the brands we work out a way to work together, so the brand gets the most out of our visits. We have created a so-called ‘Bloggers Apartment’ in Stockholm, hand painted vases, done exhibitions and styled and taken photos of many cool brands for their catalogues and websites – all activities have been shared numerous times via all our blogs, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets.

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at{mine} will be collaborating with you on the upcoming London Bloggers Tour. Can you reveal a bit of what you’ll be up to in London?

Correct. For the London Bloggers Tour we have teamed up with at{mine}, who have booked and planned an entire day of the 3 full days we have. We will have breakfast at Heal’s, workshops and stylings with Liberty and West Elm and have dinner with The New Craftsmen.

All design bloggers from the group have joined the beta community of at{mine}. What is your first impression?

I really like the community. What I love the most though is the sneak views I get from the homes of all the amazing bloggers I know and follow. Not all bloggers share too many pictures from their own homes, so I think this is a very nice way to be the fly on the wall.

real home, interior, Allan Torp, interview, atmine, blogger

You have moved recently in your home town Copenhagen. How will your new home look like in a sentence?

A laid back, functional and classic contemporary apartment, with a distinct love for Scandinavian designers and a touch of a bachelor’s creative chaos.

Thank you Allan for a great interview and insights into the Design Bloggers United group. We are looking forward to seeing you guys in London in a few days.

Stay tuned for more updates during the London Bloggers Tour here on the blog and follow #BloggersTourLDN and #BloggersAtMine across social media!

First portrait by Morten Nordstrom, second portrait by Bobby Anwar