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Happy Interior Blog tests at{mine} beta

iPadRenowned interior blogger Igor from Happy Interior Blog tells why he’s smitten with at{mine} and what makes the site stand out! Read the account of his beta testing experience here

at{mine} is live in private beta!

Welcome kit

The time has finally come… after a long year – with plenty of blood, sweat and tears – at{mine} is now live in private beta!

Our first handpicked group of beta members are receiving their keys to the castle in the old school mail (ironic for a digital company – but who doesn’t love a pretty envelope in the post as a respite from the usual bills!).

Meaning that we now have actual live users roaming free on, helping to shape the direction of the site with the amazing content they contribute and the inspiring people they invite to join.

And without wanting to toot our own horn too much (or do we?!), here is what some of our beta members have to say about us:

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New look in time for Santa!


xmas.landing page

New look in time for Santa

There is no way around it now – the merriest of seasons is upon us. And what a jolly good time to unwrap the brand new landing page look for!

Inspired by the diverse personalities and tastes behind our interiors, the site now gives you a glimpse of what’s to come, and hopefully leaves you wanting more…

The doors to our beta will (finally!) open early in the New Year on an invite-only basis. Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, have a look at our latest Newsletter for some jingle-y stocking filler ideas picked from amongst our at{mine} partner brands!

xoxo, the at{mine} team

Colour blind?


Have you ever argued about if an item is black or navy or perhaps even dark green? And of course you’re convinced you’re in the right? It happened to the at{mine} girls the other day when we were having a shopping break doing some valuable research, and couldn’t quite agree on the colour of a sweater..

Now there’s an objective way to put your colour vision to the test: take the Colour Challenge! Drag and drop the colours to arrange them in the right hue order, and submit to get your score (the closer to zero the better).

Click HERE to start!

Newsletter no2


Sneak peek into at{mine} ahead of our beta launch…and what the fudge is a BETA anyway?!

Plus: design-y things to do in the capital!

Find out more in the second edition of our newsletter HERE

Our Newsletter is here


Find out a bit more about at{mine} in our first ever newsletter!

Join the mailing list by signing up to and don’t be shy to share with your home loving friends!

xx the at{mine} team

London Design Festival


So the London Design Festival (LDF) is coming up (as advertised 14-22nd Sept but there are actually activities running all the way till the 25th).

We’re a little overwhelmed by the wealth of events, talks, designers and brands that criss-cross the capital over this 10 day extravaganza! In fact, LDF’s website is an information/sensory overload – there is just too much happening to do and see it all.

If you’re like us, you have to make some tough choices and try and figure out what you want do and see – which is much easier said than done!  Below are details for organising the festival activities to make them a little more manageable. Continue reading

Between Interiors becomes at{mine} blog


Rebrand alert! Between Interiors has graduated from being a test blog to becoming our “official” blog for at{mine}!

We started to blog under the name Between Interiors last year to share personal nuggets of all things interiors (and a little in between too), and nothing has really changed with this ambition.

But as at{mine} has taken on form and is launching in private beta, and we’re pretty much living and breathing the business, it makes sense to bring all our thoughts under one name.

Expect more (and more frequent!) blog posts about homes, places, furniture, objects and brands that inspire us. All in the ethos of at{mine} – to share and discover the stories behind real interiors.

Xx the at{mine} team

at {mine}

2013-01-11 10.43.41

If you like Between Interiors, we’re pretty sure you will LOVE at{mine}!

At{mine} is a totally new way to inspire|curate|discover interiors (see also our earlier blog posts here and here).

You can now Like us on Facebook  for a chance to win some interior deco goodies or, well, just because you do!

See you soon…

atmine logo

– a new way to inspire, curate & discover interiors –

As hinted at before, we at Between Interiors and our friends at Somewhat_ have been hard at work on an exciting new project: at{mine}.

At mine you can share your personal style in interior design & decoration and discover that of other tastemakers from around the globe.

We are currently in private beta testing, but you can now sign up to at {mine} to be notified of our forthcoming launch!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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