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Feng shui and conscious living

The principles of feng shui conscious living - Purodeco

The at{mine} community is a treasure trove of creative talent, and we love to discover the various skills and trades of our members. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the philosophy of Feng Shui with our member Live Johansen. The founder of Norway based Purodeco and Purodeco Feng Shui, Live is an interior architect and a certified feng shui consultant. For several years she has taken a great interest in the Eastern Philosophy plus has a black belt in Taekwondo!  

As an interior architect Live wanted to make a difference, and give the interior design a deeper meaning. The more she read about green interior design and how to create healthy spaces, the more she saw that everything seemed to align with the classic feng shui principles. 

Grab a cup of tea to discover how arranging our homes can positively affect the energy flow in our lives. Check out how Live uses feng shui in her own home, and get some basic tips to create good feng shui in your bedroom (the most important room in the home!).

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Interview: Ruth Cozens of Tobias & the Bear


Continuing with the interview series for August – we’re featuring some of the most inspiring mums from the at{mine} community to celebrate the second edition of #StyleAtMine, which is all about the kids rooms. Next up is Ruth Cozens, a graphic designer and co-founder of children and homeware brand Tobias & the Bear. We talk to her about career, kids, home and finding a balance, plus get a peek into the monochrome world of Arlo’s room. Love the room? Wait until you meet the mama behind it!

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Interview: Eva from The Waldfrieden State

kids room, atmine, StyleAtMine


August is all about kids rooms on at{mine}. The second edition of #StyleAtMine celebrates the cheerful, playful, stylish, wild and neat kids rooms in the homes of our members with kids. Peeking into those widely differing and truly charming and inspiring kids rooms, has tickled our interest to get to know the mum’s behind those rooms who have often weaved in their styling skills into designing their kids spaces. Thus we will be featuring inspiring mums from the at{mine} community during the entire month of August and interview them about their work, their kids, styling kids rooms and revealing their mum super-powers. The debutant of this month’s series of ‘mum interviews’ is German design blogger Eva of The Waldfrieden State.

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Interview: Sara Tasker of Me&Orla


When we first started planning our inaugural #StyleAtMine bedroom challenge we immediately knew who we wanted to collaborate with: Sara Tasker of Me & Orla. We’ve long been admirers of Sara’s soulful aesthetic, and nobody does the crumpled sheets look we had in mind quite like her! Luckily Sara is as lovely in real life as we had imagined through social media glimpses of her life, and she made our dream collaboration a reality! We caught up with Sara to chat about her life&work, community hashtags and mama superpowers.

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Interview: Silkie Lloyd of Rosehip Paper & Home


Today we are spending a creative and inspiring day at the floral wreath making workshop with all winners of the recently finished Styling Spring at{mine} challenge. As one of 13 judges we had the honour to pick one personal favorite and our eye was caught by the serene and balanced spring styling by Silkie Lloyd of Rosehip Paper & Home, a designer, illustrator and avid beta member in our at{mine} community. We used the opportunity to speak to Silkie and learn more about her interior stylings, her work as an illustrator and her views on the at{mine} community.

Silkie, how do you approach stylings in general, do you have a certain technique, do you have any styling rules?

I always approach styling colour first, as I do when I am designing a new paper collection. I wouldn’t say I have any rules as such and work instinctively until I feel like it’s perfectly balanced – after colour I think about how the shapes of the objects interact & create harmony and I always consider negative space, whilst trying to remember that less is more!

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Interview: Jeska Hearne of The Future Kept



Today we speak to Jeska Hearne, a UK based interior stylist, blogger and photographer, the creative mind behind the award-winning blog Lobster & Swan and founder of the beautifully curated online shop The Future Kept. Moreover, this inspiring woman is one of our fantastic beta members who doubles as private member in her blogger role and business member with her online shop. Reasons enough for us to ask Jeska for a little interview!

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Interview: Allan Torp of

Allan Torp, atmine, collaboration, bloggers, Bungalow5, interview

With March spring is approaching and so are many new ideas and projects for at{mine}. We are working on the official launch of the at{mine} community and to kick start the project we are teaming up with some of Europe’s finest design bloggers gathered in the ‘Design Bloggers United’ group. Allan Torp, the blogger behind – Denmark’s most successful design blog – founded this refined group of design bloggers, who will later this week visit London and collaborate with at{mine}. We used the opportunity to speak with him before they touch down in London.

allan torp, interview, atmine, collaboration, bloggers, bungalow5

Tell us about the Design Bloggers United. What is it all about?

Nine of Europe’s most influential design bloggers have formed an alliance and been visiting European cities. A blog tour around Europe’s design brands is a way of discovering and championing the best in design and interiors.

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Interview: Karine Kong of Bodie and Fou

Karine PortraitSydney

Our at{mine} beta community is made up of creative individuals and brands with a common passion for interiors and a lot of talent to go around between them. It’s a melting pot for designers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, marketers and many more.

As a successful entrepreneur you often have to be many of those things at the same time. And nobody does that better than Karine Kong, founder of Bodie and Fou, a great online store for home accessories.

As part of our interview blog series which features inspiring beta members, Karine shares her take on living and working in a digital landscape.

Karine, thank you for joining our blog series here on at{mine). Tell us about Bodie and Fou, what can people expect when they visit your website?

Bodie and Fou is a gorgeous online store with a carefully curated collection of beautiful things for your home and a place to find inspiration.

You are a businesswoman, a stylist, a blogger, a mother – how does today’s digital lifestyle challenge you and how do you manage to accomplish everything?

I think the best way is to find ways to make technology work for you on your own terms. For me, being able to skype with my family in France, friends in Australia on a regular basis and seeing photos of their daily lives, kids growing up on Instagram and so on, is priceless. Being able to work and connect with people from anywhere in the world, as long as I have a laptop, a phone and an internet connection is amazing.

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It’s not just any old white, kids!


Interiors stylist Heidi Maude knows a thing or two about colour. In a continuation of our ‘How To’ series featuring a roster of our talented at{mine} beta members, Heidi shares her secrets of achieving a harmonious colour scheme (which her kids like to call ‘white’), her love affair with Farrow & Ball, tips and tricks for using colour in the home, and some rad wallpapers too.

If you’ve ever poured over a Farrow & Ball colour chart, debating for instance the 53 shades of ‘neutrals’ that contain no less than 16 versions of ‘white’, this one is for you.

Choosing colours & paints for your home can be a daunting task – where do I begin?

I have stacks and stacks of interiors magazines and books, and am an avid at{mine}er and Pinterester. I weirdly get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from movies as well. I’m forever not following the plot but examining the backgrounds, furniture, paint colours, curtains… Yes I’m a saddo!

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Happy Interior Blog tests at{mine} beta

iPadRenowned interior blogger Igor from Happy Interior Blog tells why he’s smitten with at{mine} and what makes the site stand out! Read the account of his beta testing experience here

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